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A matured boyfriend will continue to send you money after breakup until you find another man – Lady says

Ladies have since time immemorial used relationships as a source of financial security by way of monetary and material handouts by the men they’re romantically involved with.

It is the case that some ladies run into difficult times when such relationships break up.

But a netizen has opined that she doesn’t see the reason why people can’t be matured about break ups.

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In a post on social media, Porcia Maphundi said if a man is matured, then he would realize the need to continue the responsibility of sending her girlfriend money for upkeep even when they break up, at least until she is able to find another man who will take over that responsibility.

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A matured man will still send his ex money after breaking up with her until she finds a new bf

Her comment is perhaps a direct response to a similar statement made by another netizen regarding why ladies must continue to cook for their boyfriends even after breaking up with them, saying it’s a sign of maturity.