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Buy gifts for your parents too not just your girlfriend, “God bless you son” is better than “Aww Baby” – Man says

Advice has gone to men who are all about putting smiles on the faces of their other half while ignoring their parents totally or disproportionately.

Netizen Stritboy says some men shower their gifts on their girlfriends every now and then just keep her happy but forget to subject their parents, especially their mother who toiled to raise them to same lavish treatment or anything close.

While he doesn’t say buying gifts for one’s girlfriend is bad, he advises that the words of blessings that come from a parent is far more weightier than the almost generic “Aww baby, thank you” that response ladies give when they receive gifts from their man.

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“My brother as u dey buy gifts for your girlfriend,never forget to buy for your parents too cux “God bless you my son” is better than “Aaww baby”” he wrote.

It’s no secret some people ignore their parents when they become their own man, with some unfortunately thinking they owe their parents nothing since they decided to bring him to the world and therefore their welfare their own responsibility.

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One thing such people fail to realize is, some parents, especially African parents’ make their children their retirement plan by investing everythin they make in their education and upbringing to ensure they’re better placed to support them when they can no longer work.

Therefore the least one can do is be ungrateful for all the love and care received.