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DNA test after birth must be made mandatory, many are raising the kids of other men – Man says

In a day and age where trust has become a rare virtue and people wouldn’t think twice deceiving others for their parochial interest and comfort, many men find themselves fathering the biological children of others thinking they’re theirs.

A recent case in Ghana saw a popular International football star, Odartey Lamptey bitterly finding out after over 20 years of catering for “his” three kids with his wife, that, actually, none of them belonged to him.

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In light of this and many other occurrences that’s made their way into the public domain, a man has adviced that paternal DNA testing be made compulsory right after childbirth to avert the controversies that arise after the man later finds out he isn’t the biological father and that he had been lied to.

Taking to Facebook, netizen Kwaku Agyemang Duah wrote: “DNA test after child birth should be made mandatory”

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Unfortunately for some men, they never get to find out and some find out very late in life when they may be unable to make a kid of their own.

Effectively, if such a test is made part of the post natal care program, it could mean many families that break up because of paternal issues will be saved early before the harm is done to the child and all involved.