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Do you believe ghosts exist? Ghanaians share stories of their encounter with ghosts

To many people, Ghosts are a fiction of one’s imagination and that Ghosts don’t really exists. But others who reportedly have had encounters with supposed ghosts tell a different story and can attest with their lives that the apparitions they saw were not in their head but very real.

Some Ghanaians who claim to have seen and encountered Ghosts before have taken to social media to share the experience of their encounter with ghosts. read the curated stories below

1. My dad was sick and living with us the family. I am actually the only son . He called me to his bed side and asked me to take a vacation to visit my grand mom ( my mother’s mom at kwahu ) he gave me money from Under his pillow and I left
The following day . Was in kwahu for two days , in the 3 rd day around 2 am , I was in my room and saw the door opening , i couldn’t move nor speak . The door opened ,my dad entered in white shorts with singlets , stood over me beside the bed for a while and walked out . The door closed and then I could move my body again , run out of the room to my granny room and narrated my story . She asked me to sleep beside her . Not knowing she knew what I have seen . When day broke , i left granny room to my room to read . I was then in final year SSS . Around 11 am my uncle came and told my granny my dad was dead and they came to present drink to the chief of the town about his death . That they should not inform me . I saw the whole move that day . Ghost is real . They have 40 days to depart the earth . That is why Akans and others celebrate 40 days .

2. Yes I had encounter with my dad when he died, He was admitted at 37military hospital when he died on Thursday dawn, in the evening, around 7pm I went to take my bath and entered my room, 2second I had a call the number look like my dad number voda line which i didnt store on my phone I was scared but I picked and it was a friend of my who want to sympathize with me. After the calls I decided to come out, immediately I came out just wanted to close my window,hmm mm mm😭😭😭😭 my father just pop up covered himself with the hospital bedsheet in the corner and was staring at me I stood there, immediately a started feeling some heat from my feet to my whole body😭😭😭😭 I have no option than to shout loud for help coz I wasn’t expecting to see in that way, hmm mm mm lemme leave it here coz as I type tears are runing down. Rest Peace Papa😭😭😭😭😭😭 I really miss you a lot. It 4years already..

3. Ghost is real.. had an encounter with a mate of mine who died and I didn’t know, we use to chill and that day when we went a night club to chill, he was quiet and was there so I asked him why and he said nothing so I had a call and I said I was coming, the call was from another colleague and he told me that this our friend is dead and I have to come right now.. I was challenging them that is not true and they are making fun of it. I told them the person is here that I’m chilling with and they said then he’s a ghost I cut the call and stood there for about 5 mins before going to this my dead friend where we use to sit at the night club. He wasn’t there, I searched aaaaaaa I couldn’t see him.. chaaii that day come and see boozing..

4. My father died on the day of the burial thus at dawn myself my husband n my four siblings slept together in the hall coz we were scared of sleeping separately.. we placed the mattress near the entrance of the room. We were asleep then suddenly the mattress we were sleeping on someone shift ed it from the entrance.. heeer that day come n see screaming we all felt it I tot I was the only one.. eei this man is he saying we’ve block his way.

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5. This one was my boss that narrated it to me. He says he was working in Tamale and went on study leave to study at GIMPA so when they vacated, he picked VIP back to Tamale. Upon arriving at the station, he met one security man at his workplace who they had few minutes chat and the man decided to look for a taxi for him home.
He stood by his luggage and the man went out to look for the car and brought. Helped packed his items into the car and they bid each other farewell. When they arrived at the entrance of his house and he asked the driver of the fare, he mentioned an amount which he felt was too much so he was having an argument with the driver and one of his friend who lives in same house came out and ask if he didn’t bargain with him before picking it and he told him it was the security man that went to call him and since he knew where he stays, he felt they’ve already negotiated. His friend ask which of the securities and he mentioned his name again and the friend was like ,that man died about 3 months ago and was even buried. He refused to believe until he called other colleagues at the work place and they confirmed. He says he fell sick for 3 days.

6. Hmmmm People who have never encountered ghosts will say ghosts don’t exist. But without ghosts you wouldn’t have Holy Ghost. I have many encounters and others being told by my parents, grandparents and other elders. But I will share the latest experience before leaving for university.
A man lived and worked in Accra but lost his job. He had married about three wives and gave birth to many children. So life was unbearable and they had to come home. Neighbors and other benevolent people contributed money for them to take Transport. As poor as they were they bought nothing but would have needed something to survive. So they planned to steal other people’s luggage and they succeeded with one.

Unknown to them, the luggage they stole contained the remains of a man who died and the people were sending to their village for reburial. When they got home and opened the bag they took the money but went out and threw the remains of the dead man in the bush. Chaaiii people started giving stories of a disturbing creature who would come to people’s homes in the night and take food, killed animals and ran away.

As a Christian and in this twenty first century and even educated up to the university level, I told them it was a lie. Then around 2:00am I felt cold, dazed and frightened. When I opened my eyes I saw this huge creature who’s top and down were the same. I couldn’t get up, I couldn’t cry, I couldn’t even babble and I couldn’t look elsewhere except sweating profusely like a pregnant woman on labour. Then it scattered all bowls and pots even our dog was running for safety. Our cattle started running helter skelter and neighbors’ dogs barked and barked and barked. For about thirty minutes to one hour we were in this terrible ordeal. When the thing final left herrh I got up, ran and missed my room. I even ran to another house more than 100 meters away. Then elders became serious and performed some rites. Eeeiii there is God but there are gods too!

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7. Yes….my mum….I got ill 3 days after mum’s burial and wasn’t healing even after 2 weeks…. my family started thinking the sickness was a result of they not cutting ties between my mum and I. I was taken back to our hometown to so they will perform the rite for us….was alone in a room 1 afternoon and heard her voice clearly….
Mum: naki what’s wrong with u. I didn’t respond coz I was surprised. The for the second time.
Mum : naki what’s wrong with u. I didn’t respond again this time because I was in shock.
Then for the 3rd time she said with a sad tone…
Mum: yepeyo(how she calls me when she wants to sweet talk me) wont u talk to me?
Then this time around di3 tsee gudu….come and see proper speed….I had goosebumps all over… hmmm…I regret not talking to her😔

8. Yh dey are real…a former roommate died and I wasn’t aware, I was in a next hostel nearby my own hostel wen I had a call that my former roommate has come to visit mi. Wen I went to my room she was deeply asleep on my bed but she looked very slim. I woke her up and asked her whether she has been sick cos of her current weight then she told mi it’s true, she has been in coma for 2weeks and has now recovered. We had a lengthy chat and I saw her off. I had a call the following day that she’s dead 2weeks ago😳😳😳…u can imagine my reaction

9. So mine was funny in a sad way. Before my dad died, he had an accident with my sisters car and felt really bad.. Though it was the fault of the aboboya that crashed into him. So my sister took the car to Toyota gh kumasi branch and they kept delaying saa. Some months later my dad died and after the one week we went to check on the car and lady who was dealing with our issue asked us how our dad is doing now cos he came there 2days ago to enquire about it and begged them to fix fast for my sister but he looked really sick and was limping. We told her that is not possible cos our dad is dead but she didn’t believe. Then we took her to the other car to greet our mum who was in mourning and gave her one of the posters. The woman nearly fainted. She went to call her boss and other people that saw our dad to testify that she is not crazy. Two weeks later they told us to come for our car that it’s been fixed wai.

10. I have no encounter with a ghost but I heard there is this lady that died in my neighborhood not quite long.
According to the neighbours,she was used by her gallamsey boyfriend for rituals.The day this lady died,she went her Bestie who she wasn’t in talking terms with. She told her, am sick and at this nakaba healing place,I heard you are also sick and I came to visit you.

When you are discharged please come to my house .She went there around 12:oo in the afternoon, but she died at dawn.
The Lady was discharged the next day,went to her friends house,saw her poster and fainted. She told the dead ladies family what happened and they weren’t surprised because she had done the same thing to a family who is a driver.
She bode his vehicle from tarkwa,
When she reached were she died,she told him ,she was getting something from a friend. He also fainted when he came home and realized she was dead