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Don’t envy successful people, if you see how hard they work, you’ll understand why you’re still poor – Man says

Many a time the successful and well-to-do in society become the target of envy and vile jealousy, with many branding them greedy for amassing all the wealth and material things money can buy.

Such people make the hustle look easy on the outside it’s almost as if they get everything on a silver platter, therefore leading people to think they’re only lucky and that anyone else could be in their position.

But a man named Akesse Moise Sanza, arguably Ghana’s richest blogger has begged to differ, antithetically deflating the balloons of envy exposing the cheap excuse being paraded as rationale by those envious of the successful.

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In a comment, Mr. Sanza said that if only people on the fence are given the chance to see the sort of hard work people deemed successful put in whatever venture they’re engaged, their envy would turn into a self-realization of why they are still poor.

No one should envy successful people because if you see how hard they work, you would understand why you are still poor” he wrote

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Effectively, Mr. Sanza, a travel blogger advices that hard work is the surest way to success and that those we see living the life of luxury, put in more work than is obvious to deserve that lifestyle.

Source: Nsemwoha.Net