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Don’t keep old people in nursing homes, they must be home teaching grandchildren the ways of life – Lady advises


A lady has opened the lid on perhaps the most profound mistake happening in the world which is leading to the massive moral corruption that riddles the world today.

A phenomena that’s seen mostly in the Western world, is that when people get old and frail, they’re sent to nursing homes because they become a burden to the family.

A totally different case is the story in Africa where old people instead of getting sent to nursing homes, are made to stay with the family.

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It is this that a meme shared by Lulu Mmari-Kamanga, has outlined the potential benefit of grandparents staying at home with the family instead of spending the rest of their life in the nursing homes.

It says that such a move ensures that the grandparents are able to teach their grandchildren the ways of life so they don’t make certain avoidable mistakes.

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“In Africa, old people are not kep in the nursing home, they stay home and teach their grandchildren the ways of life” the meme read

Effectively, she calls for old people to be kept at home so they’re able to transfer the knowledge of life to their grandchildren.


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