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Ghana Trump, Kwadwo Sheldon ‘bites’ himself as he attacks Teacher Kwadwo over award

The Ghanaian twitter space is on fire as two of Ghana’s content creators have locked horns over an award recognizing the best content creators in Ghana.

Teacher Kwadwo walked home with the Content Creator of the Year award at the National Communications Awards against Kwadwo Sheldon, who is a regular on Twitter akin to US president Donald Trump and more so a sore loser as him.

Kwadwo Sheldon who feels his self-acclaimed title “Content Nyame” is threatened has launched an all out attack on Teacher Kwadwo on Twitter, throwing what has been called a low blow at Teacher Kwadwo by calling him a paedophile as he shared a post from 2016 which teacher Kwadwo already apologized for and have actually paid dearly for when it surfaced for the first time in 2018.

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Well, it seems Sheldon isn’t as clean as he would like everyone to think as netizens have dug up some of his old posts which are similar in content to Teacher Kwadwo’s 2016 post and by today’s standards distasteful even if meant as a joke

In one of such post from 2013, Sheldon wrote that “There’s nothing like rape, it’s called surprise sex”. In another, he talked about wanting to rape someone. Check the SCREENSHOTS below.

Source: Nsemwoha.Net

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