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“I became mad after a lady farted on me” – Mad man Mona Mobl3 reveals (Video)


Perhaps the sanest mad man ever, Mona Mobl3 as he’s popularly known has become a social media sensation after his catch phrase which is same as his nickname went viral.

Despite his unkept appearance, he sometimes speaks a lot of sense one would doubt if he was really mad.

Well, in a video sighted by nsemwoha.com, M9na Mobl3 has explained what made him lose his mind and left him in the state we see him.

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Mona Mobl3 explains that he became mad after a lady apparently farted on him. Speaking to a group of young men, he said he lost his mind after the scent from her fart hit him.

He took the opportunity to advice the young men never to allow a woman to fart on them, as they coupd end up like him. Watch the video below

Source: Nsemwoha.Net


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