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If you defend your kid’s mistakes, you’ll one day need a lawyer to defend their crime – Parents adviced

For a long time, “spare the rod and spoil the child” seemed to be an axiom that parents followed to the word as it was believed kids needed to be disciplined by whatever means else they become wayward.

But in today’s world, the rights of kids have taken the center stage and any form of physical punishment is seen through the lenses of abuse not discipline or correction.

Advice though has gone to parents to consider the fate that awaits their wards should they decide to look the other way and even go ahead to defend their children’s mistakes.

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Taking to social media, netizen Siasemhene warned that if parents make it a habit of defending the mistakes of their kids instead of correcting them and where necessary, disciplining them, then one day they might have to hire a lawyer to defend the crimes of such kids when they grow up.

Explaining further, he said it is uncorrected mistakes that develop into a habit and eventually morphs into crime.

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He added that parents must realise that discipline is not abuse and it is their responsibility to make sure their kids know what’s wrong from what’s right.