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Invest in your wife, when you go broke it’s her who’ll feed you, not your friends – Man advises


A man has adviced his fellow men to invest in their partners more than they spend partying about with friends.

Taking to Facebook, netizen Solomon Emmanuel explained that, as a man, when things go down south financially, most of your friends will leave you to your fate.

He added further that, during such low times in such a man’s life, it will be his wife who be by his side, doing all she can to feed and support him till he gets back on his feet again.

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He therefore advised that rather than spending on drinks and night outside with friends, men should rather invest in their wives so that they can be better equipped to help them in their time of need.

As a man when you go down financially,only your wife will feed you,but 99% of your friends will abandon you so invest in your wife” he wrote.


Dissecting his statement, it is not so far from the reality nowadays. Most men would attest to the fact that they would spend more in a “Sitting” with boys than they would give their wives sometimes.

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This means more money is blown away everytime such gathering occurs, monies that could have been better invested in the wife in terms of starting a business for her which would serve as a backup income for the household.

His advise is therefore prudent and must be followed for a more harmonious life and a happy home.


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