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Is Michael Strahan Gay – These little secrets reveal the truth

Is Michael Strahan gay

There are rumors flying around, about Former NFL star Michael Strahan, which is questioning his sexuality. The question, Is Michael Strahan Gay? is answered by looking at certain telling details about his personal life.

The gay romors didn’t start today. Michael Strahan’s relationship with his former co-host Kelly Ripa went south which led Michael to leave the morning talk show on TV titled “Live with Kelly and Michael”. Sherri Shepherd alleged that gender inequality may have led Michael to leave the show after 4 years. Lets start from the genesis of the gay accusations.

Who is Michael Strahan?

Who is michael strahan

On Sunday, November 21, 1971, Michael Strahan was born in Houston, Texas. He has the Scorpio as his zodiac sign.

He attended Westbury High School and was a member of the football team. He proceeded to Texas Southern University where he played as a quarterback in the TSU football team. In 1993, he was drafted by New York Giants and started his NFL career, and going ahead to win the super bowl.

In recent history, Strahan was part of the crew that traveled to space in the Blue origin space trip with Billionaire, Jeff Bezos.

is Michael Strahan gay?

There are signs that suggest that Michael Strahan might be gay and to ascertain the rumors, we must look closely at certain aspects of his personal life.

Michael’s ex-wife, Jean Muggli was the first to make allegations public that Michael Strahan is gay and an adulterer.

Michael was a pioneer in gay inclusion in the NFL. He told THR in April 2013 that he believed that the NFL would soon allow gay people to join and express their sexuality publicly. He stated:

“I think eventually there will be [a gay player in the league]. A lot of guys now are speaking up. I did a same sex marriage equality ad with my fiancée. You have to realize that what you do for a living doesn’t define who you are as a person, and if you can play football, your job shouldn’t be affected by your sexual preference.”

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Since then, several NFL players have come out publicly to declare they are gay. Michael Strahan, however, has come out publicly to declare that he’s not an adulterer and he’s not gay. He said this in an HBO interview in 2012, when he finally responded to allegations made during the divorce from his ex-wife Jean Muggli.

It must be noted that Michael married his ex-wife Jean Muggli in 1999 and split with her in 2006 in what has been termed an ugly divorce which saw many allegations being levelled against Michael, with suggestions he might be gay.

Michael Strahan partners

The former New York Giants player Michael Strahan has had four partners who are public knowledge. He got married to two, engaged one and is dating one. Below are brief details of all Michael Strahan partners.

First Wife – Wanda Hutchins

He met his first wife Wanda Hutchins at the age of 20 while in Germany, where his father worked. The two got married and had two children. The marriage however lasted for only four years as Michael had to leave Germany to pursue his NFL career in US.

Second Wife – Jean Muggli

Michael Strahan’s partner after divorce with first with was Jean Muggli. The two love birds married in 1999 but the relationship ended in a divorce in 2006. They had two children, twins Sophia and Isabella.

The trigger for their divorce is still debatable with Michael claiming it started when he confronted Jean for withdrawing $3.3 million from their account, on the other hand, Jean accused Michael of being gay, a cheat and abandoning their two children.

Eventually, a court granted the divorce with Michael having to hand Jean Muggli $15 million as divorce settlement and $18,000 monthly in child support.

Michael Strahan and Nichole Murphy engagement

Michael Strahan and Nicole Murphy

Michael met Nicole Murphy in 2007 after his divorce from Jean Muggli. Nicole Murphy is popularly known for being the ex-wfe of Hollywood star Eddie Murphy.

They begun a love journey and even got engaged. The two split up, after what the two camps described as work-related difficulties. They remain friends as the split was mutual with no bad blood between them.

Michael Strahan and Kayla Quick dating

Michael Strahan and Kayla Quick dating

Rumor have been rife that Michael and Kayla, a former waitress are dating. The two have been seen together in public and are rumored to be still dating despite the criminal background of Kayla. They met at a super bowl after party in 2015.

At the age of 18, Kayla confessed to police for stealing $6000 worth of jewelry from her grandmother.


In answering “is Michael Strahan gay”, we have looked at the facts of his personal relationships and the allegations about his sexuality. Judging from his past relationships and public utterances on the rumors, it can be said definitively that Michael Strahan is not gay or he’s very good at hiding his sexuality. But people can change their sexuality as they wish and if Michael Strahan comes out, the world will certainly know.


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