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Kay Smooth Smoothens Bukom Banku’s Threats

Ace back to back hit maker and musician, Kay Smooth is in the news again for very good reasons. Why? His friend, Bukom Banku has ignorantly launched an attack against him for something he is so innocent about.
Bukom has threatened to beat Kay Smooth for an unsettled debt which after the investigative team of Nsemwoha delved into realised the musician is not at fault as he has settled the ‘debt’ of Ghs2,000 to a team member of Bukom Banku after the latter went to London for his recent victorious bout.

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The untouchable lover boy Kay Smooth in his usual humble and calm nature has clarified the issue that he owes Bukom nothing as he has paid him in full because he understands business and protocol that even though the boxer was away, he decided to institutionalise the payment by contacting his management to make full payment knowing the time value of money. To Kay Smooth, you don’t need a person’s presence to pay debt owed him so he is asking Bukom to contact the management member for clarification.

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He has considered the threat from Bukom as a friendly threat and has laughed about it. To further show Ghanaians his lovely side, he intends to one day do a song for Bukom Banku or feature him on a track. He has said after the boxer realises his mistake, he needs no apology from him but just his usual love and support for his music. Kay Smooth loves all and hates none and will never bear grudge or hold offense with anyone in the industry