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Man quits relationship to escape from abusive girlfriend, tells his story

A man has taken to social media to tell the world how he escaped from the grips of an abusive relationship with his girlfriend, showing harrowing evidence of the damage an abusive woman can inflict on a man.

Most abuse cases reported have men as the culprits but it has long been known that men also suffer some degree of abuse but for fear that they’d be laughed at for being less of a man, most keep mute about their abusive female partners.

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Well, netizen @yybarra23 is one bold victim who has come out to let the world know he’s a victim of abuse from his girlfriend, lucky enough he was bold and strong enough to walk away from the relationship with his dear life intact, although with the scars to show for his ordeal.

Mr. Barra explains that his girlfriend took advantage of the fact that she knew he was gentle and could never lay his hand on her.

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I recently got out of a abusive relationship. She knew damn well I wouldn’t hit her back and she took advantage of me” he wrote in a tweet accompanied by photos showing the marks he sustained.

Unfortunately, even if Mr. Barra was to defend himself, the laws and society would still see him as the culprit, all his girlfriend needed was a little theatrics and Mr. Barra could be thrown behind bars for practically being the victim.

Source: nsemwoha.net