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Never let their bad energy get to you; Cut them off, make them feel it – MoneyBagg Yo

American rapper, MoneyBagg Yo has said something so profound that a proper application of which would lead to a life devoid of unnecessary stress and back-biting from people we think are on our side.

In his song “Me vs Me”, the rapper raises an alarm over the fake friends and all the people in our lives whose “F-v-kery” causes us to waste so much energy dealing with them.

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MoneyBagg Yo proposes a new approach to dealing with such people, i.e not dealing with them at all. He advices that people whose bad energy threatens to throw you off your course must be cut off in a conspicuous way so they feel it and know you don’t need that kind of energy in your life.

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And I ain’t never ever let the f–kery get to me (Why not?) Ni–as ain’t worth my energy (What you had to do?)
Cut ’em off, make ’em feel it, I ain’t dealin’ with nothin’ if it don’t make sense to me (Never ever, ever)” he said in the song.

Source: Nsemwoha.Net