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“Never wife the girl you couldn’t get before you got money” – Man advises

Advice has gone to men to not make the grave mistake of settling down with a woman who rejected them due to their previous financial condition.

Some women insists that as a man, you must be well to do before they even give you a listening ear when you ask them out on a date or make advances towards them.

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Same women come running back into a man’s arms after he is able to make some money and improve their financial situation, and some men make the of following their attraction to her and go ahead to accept them and even marry them.

But a man has adviced men to be weary of such women, as they present nothing but trouble. Taking to social media, @lightertod adviced that a man must never marry a woman who he couldn’t get when he didn’t have money.

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Effectively, he says such women are a time bomb and are only there for the money and not the person or the love.

Source: Nsemwoha.Net