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Not every club girl is bad, not every church girl is wife material; Just pray for a good woman


To many people, there’s no better place to find a God-fearing woman who is wife material to settle down with and build a home together.

On the other hand, ladies who frequent night clubs are seen as the daughters of the devil himself and a no go area when one is in search for a wife.

But a netizen has opined that the widely held view is fundamentally flawed. Faisal Dangote in a post on social media wrote that it is not every girl seen in the club that is a bad girl, in the same vein, it isn’t every church girl that is wife material.

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He added that all a man in search for a wife can do is pray to God for a good woman.

“Not every club girl is a bad girl, not every church girl is a wife material; Just pray to God for a good woman” he wrote.

Effectively he advises that men do not limit their search to just religious gatherings as many people can pretend to be holier than thou but be the worst outside of the church.

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