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Real men take care of their wives not girlfriends

So I listened to an interview between Delay and one tiny waist girl called Princess Shyngles from Gambia but based in Ghana, an actress. The only thing I was impressed about her was how she expressed herself in the English language because I love English may be but honestly I felt very bad for her and disappointed in some of her submissions and mindset as a woman.

To begin with I understand 99.9% of men she has dated could not How many men has she dated, she said 6 or 7. Wasn’t very sure of her answer. I wonder how a woman cannot keep track record of the number of men she has slept with. That is a whore right there.

Michael Essien and D-Black was mentioned as being her Exes and from look of things they both didn’t satisfy her. I mean that is a well trained footballer and a damn womaniser in the person of D-Black and they could also not satisfy you? We couldn’t get the name of the other 4 to 5 other people she had dated. May be some are in Gambia because it’s obvious she did not break her virginity here in Ghana. She started by denying anything to do with Essien and then finally admits it. But if you ask me I think she has been with more than the 6 to 7 men, she is just taming the figure. From the way she is talking about satisfaction and all that, you can see she is a real professional league player.

Anyway, the interview goes on and she claims people hit on her for a one night or weekend stand to an extend someone offered her $150,000 but she refused and was even prepared to show the messages to Delay. Apparently the person approached her to be a brand ambassador for a solar energy product or something and later the guy wanted to hit on her so he turned him down.

Well according to her, she has been in and out of Ghana since 2010 until 2014 when she moved in Ghana permanently to first stay in a 4 bedroom apartment in West Legon paying $800 a month but now in a single room paying Ghs400 a month. I guess the Ghanaian economy wasn’t fair to her either at a point. She claims her “father” sponsors her and her own sponsorship deals from when she was 16 years, I am guessing it’s around that same time she tasted the Adam’s apple. She claims she had newly finished SHS by then in Gambia and at that age had got a deal with Coca Cola that brought her to Ghana in 2010 and moved back here permanently in 2014.

When a girl says my “father” sponsors me these days you need to probe further because some father figures as they put it are not the real biological fathers but the one that has sugar in it. They are called “Sugar Daddies”. But if she says her “father” sponsors her, let’s take it like that. I guess it’s that same father responsible for her shrinking waist size. According to her she does alot of waist training and that is why her waist is as tiny as a needle. I mean what kind of waist training will give you that tiny waist and stomach, Princess Shyngles?

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You can trust Delay to bombard her with rough questions, at a point Delay asked her where is her womb and it appears her womb has fallen into her abdomen and has elongated the distance between her “Vee Jay Jay ” and her narvel? I went to look at those pictures she took with the swimming costume and some looks very funny indeed. Why will a woman sculpt herself like that and claim it is natural.

Another rough question Delay threw at her was, where will a baby lie in her if she should get pregnant since it appears her womb has descended into her abdomen or that it appears she has no womb at all? She had posted somewhere by herself she wanted to have a baby and that is how come Delay asked her that question. Delay further asked her which man is even willing to impregnate her since her womb looks misplaced or non existent? But she claims everything is intact in her and that we live to see, she will get pregnant and deliver when the time is right to the right person.

Anyway the point that struck me was her perception about men and the fact that she was tired taking care of herself and that she needed somebody to take care of her as a woman. She also said that it is the duty of every man, to take care of their woman. Hello? Where is that written Princess Shyngles or whatever you call yourself? Who said it is the duty of a man to take care of a woman?

My question is, are you a wife, Princess Shyngles? If you are then your husband will take care of you but even with that you must also come along as a virtuous woman working your trade or profession and supporting your family in every way you can.

Being in a relationship does not mean a man should take care of you. It is a man’s choice if he wants to take care of you in a relationship and your choice to  Madam sorry to disappoint you, there is no obligation in any relationship until it is confirmed with marriage.

So ladies if you are out there looking for a relationship that will take care of all your needs then you lack understanding, rather look for marriage and bring your expertise on board. I pray you don’t meet a man that thinks like me. A man is to cater for his family, that is wife and children and not a girlfriend. Parents take care of girlfriends but men take care of their wives.

I am not saying that a man must not support a woman if she is in genuine need or has some financial challenges for which the man is capable of helping. That one I would even go all out to help even if we are not in a relationship but that should not be your mindset in entering a relationship, at all. If that is your mindset then technically you are a prostitute because you provideor your needs to be taken care of and it’s not the way of God.

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A relationship is like those days in SHS when you knew you both had nothing but you still loved each other. It’s entirely pure, genuine and unmixed but not when you need a man to pay your rent, buy you clothes, make up, hair do, shoes, feed you, buy you a car etc. What you are doing is business and it’s called prostitution and you sell to the highest bidder. It means you can be taken by the highest bidder.

Again on the issue of the fact that 99.9% of the men she dated could not satisfy her, I consider it to be a hurt statement. She is probably saying this to hurt the people she dated that dumped her or did not treat her right because I don’t I know the kind of feelings or level of ecstacy she wants to get to, to be satisfied. Personally I think if a lady wants to be satisfied in bed she will get her satisfaction, probably she is just not good at that. She can see me in Chambers for further tutorials.

As a business venture hoping to expand, I understand she is in talks with Adebayor to see if the loose footballer could also fall into her bed as she also milks him of his football money. What a pathetic world, two gifted people who have no brains. One with football talent and another with an obvious “adjusted” beauty.

Definitely she knows Adebayor has tasted so many celebrity women in Ghana without marrying them but she is also willing to give it a try because obviously money is the main thing so she doesn’t care anyway. Later on she will come up with another story on how things didn’t work out with Adebayor so may be she can move on with another investor in the scene, may be Shatta Wale or Chris Waddle. Oh my God, what a world? People are prostituting in Ghana these days in broad day light and it is considered the “ish”. It is pathetic and a shameful thing.

People like Moesha Buodong, Princess Shyngles and one other lady with a dyed hair, have openly declared themselves as national prostitutes and we are hailing them. Some like Efya Odo, Fella Makafui and the likes are messing up themselves as women and leading our young ladies in Ghana astray and we are not rebuking them. It’s very sad. Can this be done in any of the Muslim countries in the world for a woman to come on TV and radio to announce her adultery and her  to an extend she could say that 99.9% of men could not satisfy her? For once let’s be serious as a country and a decent nation and clear some of these bad weeds out of the system.

Women please learn to possess your vessels in sanctity, pray and search for the right man to spend your life with, to raise your family. Do not follow these social media girls who are going no where walking as cursed objects because of their numerous unrepentant exploits on wealthy “foolish” men.