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Reduce your fake life so your helper doesn’t mistake you for a boss – Lady advices

A lady has advised citizens of the world to desist from portraying a lifestyle of lavish living when in fact, it is all a lie, because they might miss the chance of actually getting help from their God-given helper.

The virtual world, most especially social media is a place of show offs and unnecessary pressure where people’s appearances and utterances depict they’re wealthy in real life, but most often, this is far from the truth.

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They may actually be poor but only trying to keep a big boy/girl image on social media. It is based on this that a netizen advises that such fake lifestyle should be reduced to the barest minimum so people who actually want to help them financially or through certain opportunities aren’t led to think they are rich already and needs no help.

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Taking Facebook, Stelly Ray Desmond implored such people to reduce the volume of their fake lifestyle so potential helpers doesn’t call them bosses and effectively failing to offer them help because by their lifestyle it seems the already made it in life.

“Reduce the volume of ur fake life so ur helper won’t be calling you boss” she wrote