Home General News 5 Photos and Videos that show Ukrainians are strong against Russia

5 Photos and Videos that show Ukrainians are strong against Russia

5 Photos and Videos that show Ukrainians are strong against Russia

The ongoing war being being waged in Ukraine by Russia and Putin is showing the world two sides of the type of people that occupy the earth.

First is the hawkish Putin, who, regardless of the reasons, didn’t have to visit so much sorrow and pain on the people of Ukraine with the bombs, shelling and fighting.

On the other hand, is the strength, will and bravery of the Ukrainian people. Starting from the president Volodymyr Zelenskyy and the ordinary people taking up arms to defend their land and freedom.

Many photos have flooded the internet, showing Ukrainians exhibiting bravery and valor in the face of certain death and we bring you the top 10 of these photos and videos.

Top 7 photos and videos that show Ukrainians are strong and brave

1. The Soldier who blew up the bridge to stop Russian tanks from crossing into Ukrainian town.

Vitaly Shakun Volodymyrovych, a Ukrainian marine engineer made the ultimate sacrifice when it was decided that to delay the onslaught of Russian troops from Crimea to Mainland Ukraine, the bridge at the intersection must be blown. He volunteered to place the mines and sacrificed his life.

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Vitaly Shakun
Vitaly Shakun
Blown bridge

2. Ukrainian president Volodymr Zelenskyy refusing evacuation, staying to fight

The Ukrainian president was offered a ride to a safe country by the US following the invasion of the country by Russia. But, Mr. Zelenskyy refused, instead deciding to stay and fight with his soldiers.

As the commander in chief of the Ukrainian defense force, his stay most certainly will be a boost to the morale which his seen the an out-muscled Ukraine army give Russia a run for their money since the invasion begun.

Zelensky visits frontline

3. Ukrainian girl confronts Russian soldiers

A video that has since gone viral, a Ukrainian little girl is seen confronting a Russian soldier, asking them to leave and stop the war.

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4. Ukrainian non-military men taking arms to fight back

Videos has been shared on social media showing Ukrainian men of fighting age queuing to take up arms against the the Russian invaders.

This is the highest form of bravery, especially when it is obvious many will sacrifice their life in their bid to save their homeland.

Boxing P4P superstar Vasiliy Lomachenko joins army to fight Russia

5. Ukrainian man uses body to try and stop Russian tanks

A Ukrainian man, in an act of bravery, tried to stop Russian tanks en-route to mainland Ukraine by virtually standing in their way.

He stood in the middle of road, trying to prevent the vehicles from going further. Even though he didn’t succeed, he did his bit to slow the attack, even if for a few seconds or minutes.