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Watch: Maame water (Mermaid) invited us to sleep with her” – Apam drowning survivor speaks


Ghanaians are still in a state of shock following a hard to fathom news that 20 teenagers died from drowning in the Apam sea.

The teenagers had gone swimming in the sea on 6th March as the day was declared a holiday. But news that came out of Apam only brought tears to the community and the entire nation as bodies were pulled from the sea.

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Following the incident, many have tried to wrap their heads around why so many teenagers would all drown at once, and unprecedented incident.

But one survivor may have provided the answer we all seek. One boy, who barely survived the drowning has revealed that while in the sea, the goddess of the sea (Mermaid) known locally as Maame Water, called them to come sleep with her.

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He says the boys rushed to be the first to get to her, in the process, a huge tide hit and dragged them into a pit.

He claims he was lucky to have been pulled out fast by a swimmer.

His story is given much credence taking into consideration the fact that most of the victims were male. May their souls rest in peace.


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