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Watch: “Some people are only moral because they’re ugly” – Dr. Rei Kesis says

The chaplain of the University of Eastern Africa, Rei Towet Kesis has said that some people only feign morality because they’re not good looking enough to be promiscuous.

In a video sighted by Nsemwoha.Net, Dr. Kesis who doubles as a minister of God intimated that it is difficult for people blessed with beauty or handsomeness and ‘sɛksuality’ to be morally just and not resort to immortality.

He added that some people are only pretending to be moral because they’re ugly and wouldn’t succeed at being immoral.

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“Can you be trusted with beauty, handsomeness and ‘sɛksuality’ and you don’t resort to immortality?. Some people are just moral because they’re ugly” he said.

While his claim cannot be definite statement of fact, it is generally considered that beautiful and handsomess contributes immensely to attraction and therefore these qualities can be abused by those who posses them leading to promiscuity.


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Chaplain of the University of Eastern Africa, Baraton (UEAB) is Rei Towet Kesis. He is a native of Mt Elgon in Western Kenya. He is a trained and ordained Pastor of the Seventh-day Adventists. He holds a BA in Theology from the University of Eastern Africa, Baraton, an MA in Pastoral Theology from the Adventist University of Africa and a PhD in Religious Studies from Kenyatta University.

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