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What does WTM mean in texting and social media?

what does wtm mean

Social media has made texting easy and with this convenience comes a need to shorten our words so we can fit more words in to a chat or hurry up for other stuff, so what does wtm mean on snapchat and in texting?

WTM meaning

WTM is the abbreviated form of the expression “What’s The Matter?”. This form is used to ask people what is their state of being or what is happening if they are acting strange or quieter than usual. Some even use it to indicate that they are sad or annoyed. WTM has the vast use mostly on social media while engaging with friends and colleagues online and it’s use is popular among both teenagers and young adults.

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  • UK expands as “You Okay?”
  • ITE expands as “You Alright?”
  • WIWWY expands as “What Is Wrong with you?”
  • SUP expands as “What’s Up?”
  • RUOK expands as “Are You Okay?”

WTM can convey different meanings too and those include:

  • What’s the Move.
  • What the Mess.
  • Whatever That Means.
  • What’s the Matter?
  • We Should Talk More
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Intent and the mutual understanding is the key in communicating with abbreviations such as WTM because if the other doesn’t know the meaning of wmt or doesn’t decode the intent, you might have to explain further to them thereby defeating the purpose.