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You Can’t Heal In The Same Environment That Made You Sick, Here’s Why You Must Get Out Now

Have you ever felt choked by the toxicity of an environment, relationship or a work that made you feel less of a person or thought it would eventually lead to your end but did’nt know whether to stay and try to save the situation or leave? Well you’re not alone.

Unfortunately many relationships, families and jobs have become this toxic environment that seem to almost drain all your energy yet for one reason or the other we have this belief that it is worth salvaging and that things would get better even though that outlook is bleak.

When you find yourself in such a situation which usually feels like a black hole that sucks you in by the minute, don’t think twice, just move away from it, here’s why.

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1. The constant strain and stress on your mind the toxic environment subjects you to doesn’t allow proper assessment of the situation.

2. Even though logically, the closer you are to something, the better you see it, moving away from such an environment offers you a unique perspective of the situation, simply put, you see the whole picture and thus you’re able to de-stress and assess well.

3. Deciding to stay when the trigger that’s causing you untold hardship or pain is going away is like staying in the same room with a mosquito and expecting that it won’t bite you, some sort of barrier needs to be put in place and the best barrier is to distance yourself from the toxic environment, person or relationship.

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One thing is certain, staying in the same environment that’s responsible for your misery can only ensure that your situation get’s exacerbated by the day.

While it is understandable that some of the forces that keep you put in such environments may be stronger, one’s will always beats the odds. Take that bold step now, welcome to healing.

Source: Nsemwoha.Net